Meet Satvrn

  • vedic knowledge
  • small batch
  • handmade

Satvrn is a jewellery brand that excites in the mystical nature of vedic astrology, sacred geometry, and mythical stories about gods, goddesses and planets. By distilling the essence of these stories into wearable energetic pieces, Satvrn seeks to inspire the wearer to go beyond their own humanness and tap into their cosmic intuition. Satvrn realizes there is a divine connection between the natural and super natural realms, combining precious gems and metals with healing vibrational energy and intentions.

Designed by Tara Pascale Germani, creator / art director and hand made by Sri Lankan crafts people in small quantities in our workshops in Kandy & Colombo. By locally sourcing our stones and materials we celebrate the wondrous capacity of our islands resources and through inviting a deeper sense of inquiry into our inner landscape, outer environment and astral potential, we hope to inspire a more luminous experience for all we come into contact with here on earth.


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