• Illustrations
  • Playful
  • Social Commentary

Avinash Weerasekera is a Sri Lankan born multidisciplinary artist currently based in Melbourne. Since graduating with a Bachelor of Architecture from RMIT in 2017, he has focused on his artistic practice which consists of but is not limited to studio work, murals and illustration.

His artistic practice is focused on the celebration of multicultural characters and their idiosyncrasies. With plenty of inspiration coming through his experiences of being an immigrant in a foreign society as well a ‘sober’ bartender observing his ‘less sober’ patrons.

Thematically his work has lent towards social commentary and the depiction of interactions between characters through tongue-in-cheek illustrations with a muted colour palette to highlight the characters. I find my street art/fine art practice is influenced by my illustration style.

This selection of work, made specifically for Local Forecast attempts to capture what I find most interesting about Sri Lanka as I look back fondly on my motherland.

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