meet Mayun

  • artist
  • subjective enthnography
  • travel

Currently based a little past the southern coastal tip of Sri Lanka. Which means, when I look out my window, I’m looking into the Indian Ocean & the infinite of space. I think I express a form of subjective ethnography and personal journalism through painting, writing, film and photography. To do this, I feed my subconscious with the mundane, profane & sacred of humanity. This is mostly through almost incessant travels around the island, on a 22 year old, 90 cc, Honda Benly or else through the gestalt of Surrealism, Nietzsche or Neo-Freudian psychology.

My own art seen here was made in between, during and after these travels. And as a result of;

  • The language dissonance of speaking my colonisers tongue better than my mothers.
  • Being western educated but eastern-spiritually inclined.
  • A product-designer by day and an artist by night.

But generally, in trying to find meaning, beauty and purpose through my work.

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