Meet Couth

  • Natural Dye
  • Handloom
  • Responsibly Produced

OU, a diffusion collection by COUTH, produced for the love of handcrafted natural colours.

At COUTH we believe in responsibly produced, consciously worn, guilt free clothing. We keep away from any synthetic material during all stages of production. The first capsule by OU named ‘stain’, is a result of staining the fabric in various dye baths. The base fabric we work with is 100% cotton handloom, woven by local artisans in Madampella. The raw handloom fabric is then dyed in colors derived from Myrobalan, Madder roots and Indian Gooseberry in our workshop based in Colombo. No two pieces would look the same since our fabric is dyed in small batches. We believe in uplifting our local artisanal communities and look forward to a sustainable future.

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